Images by Jon Evan | Olympic National Park

I Remember NowI Remember NowThis image is of Ruby Beach, located in Olympic National Park. I captured this photograph while waiting for my friend Andy to finish up his shoreline shooting. What started as a generic scene evolved to something special when I saw him working in the last remaining light. I recognized the strong composition and grabbed my camera to capture a calm and still scene.

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I Remember NowUntil the Sun Goes DownSimple Beach SceneLooking for the EdgeTree on Ruby BeachQuiet HarborQuiet, Alone and StillCapturing the StillnessSpoon of Morning LightSound of StrengthPebbles and RocksDark MomentThe Fog LingersBlue TwilightThree in Sol DucQuiet, Still and CalmA Beach Like ThisDown the BeachFog Settling InPerpetual Transition